Monday, April 15, 2019


I'm so excited to have two, three year olds. Here are some things they are doing right now that make me smile, or laugh... or cry.

1. My mom got them a toy doctor set for their birthday. My mom goes "are you doc McStuffins?" and Joy replied, "No, I Joy Joy." I love that she knows who she is. She will make a path for herself and shutdown comparisons to other excellent individuals as if there can only be one excellent person. I love, love, love this!

2. The girls are very gracious. And it's genuine. I do make them say thank you after I give them food or toys or whatever, but the best is when 2, 3 days later they say thank you for something I've given them before. I'm not the best at saying thank you, actually, so this makes me very excited that they've picked up this important life skill so early. Yesterday, Joy thanked me for the new kitchen I gave them on Friday. My heart was bursting with joy and pride. These little girls at the best.

3. They hug my thighs. That's right, in the last post, they were at my knees, now they are three years old wearing 4T and can reach SO many things. I love watching them grow. (I don't love buying new clothes though, so we do accept donations. I'm not too proud to accept hand-me-downs AT ALL.)

4. They hug each other out of the blue. Today we were eating lunch. Joy was on my right and Lahna was on my left and they kept getting up, giving each other hugs, then walking each other back to their seats. I can never get this cuteness on camera because when they see my phone they're going to want to watch YouTube.

5. THEY SING MOTOWN SONGS! There's a Netflix show called Motown Magic that they watch with their nanny. The first time it happened they were jumping up and down on their beds and I yelled STOP!

They looked at each other like a scene out of a movie, or broadway musical, then looked back and me and yelled:


I was somewhere in between shocked and belly-wrenching laughter.

They also love ABC, so simple as 123, so easy as do re mi, abc, 123, baby you and me girl!

Last one, they love dancing in the streets. I have that one on video. THEE BEST!

6. They laugh. I don't know why this is so special to me, but I think so many people mute their laughter trying to be reserved or cool, or hell, maybe nothing's funny to them. My girls have two kinds of laughter (probably more). The first is delighted laughter. It's how they laugh when I tell them they can have my phone. Or when I say they can get up from their nap even though they haven't been to sleep, or when I say yes to sweets. It's like a cross between a villain laugh and a giggle. It's short and so, so sweet.

Their other laughter is big, deep-gut laughter. This is how they laugh when they put ice on their little hands, then touch the small of my back while I'm washing dishes. Or how they laugh when they tickle my toes while I'm trying to sleep.

7. They have kiss attacks. This is so cute because I used to do this when they were babies. But Joy and I will just trade kisses back and forth what seems like 5 minutes of muah! muah! muah! Then we'll get Lahna in on the action. Kev on Stage has a video of his sons kissing him and it's just like that. It's always out of the blue and the sweetest, cutest thing.

I didn't get to any of the things they do that make me cry. They mostly include pooping, tearing up my brand new house and leaving unknown liquids and substances on my floor. Is it pee? Is it water. I don't know.

So anyway, as you can see I'm loving motherhood right now. There are so many indescribably amazing moments and I'm glad I took a few minutes to write some of these down to help me remember in years to come.

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