Sunday, July 30, 2017

This Inspiration Here...

I just read something that I think is going to change my life for the better.

Do you read Fair God Boss? If you don't, you should. It's all about working women and how to make work better for women. Almost every article I see on there is clickable. I get the email updates and there's always a profile on a dope woman telling her story.

I forgot who the woman was (And I don't have time to search the site to figure it out), BUT she was a working mom and her perspective was dope. She said she had to throw the word "balance" out of the door as in work-life balance. And instead at the end of each days she asks herself "are you satisfied."


Let me tell you why this is life changing for me.

Balance to me, indicates some fair split. I will work a fair amount of time and I will spend a fair amount of time with my kids and it's just never enough. I can never spend enough time at work. I can never get enough of my kids.

But some days I need to work more. And some days I need to snuggle with my babies more. And the contents and circumstances of each day dictates which I choose and at the end of MOST days I am satisfied with the choices I made about how that day played out.

If I spend too much time thinking about balance (T, you worked 4 wknds in a row, you're failing your daughters) or (T, you had 3 dr's appts for the girls on 3 consecutive Fridays. you're failing your team at work), then I could put myself in a never-winning situation. But if I say hey, are you satisfied with that presentation you completed by the deadline, despite listening to your babies cry while you did it? Or are you happy your babies are developing according to their charts and thankful that you have insurance to pay for those visits, then the internal conversation I'm having with myself is MUCH more positive than the work-life balance one.

Thank you, unnamed woman (ok, she was named, but I forgot) for dropping that gem on me. As soon as I find the article I will share widely on social media.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

15 Months

Thank you online newsletter for reminding me that my babies are 15 months today. They are SO much bigger than they were as infants, but still teeny tiny babies. I haven't posted in damn near three months, so here's all the things they do now. (And I likely will have missed some milestones, but whatever).

- They are WEANED! That's right, this dairy farm is closed. I sleep all night y'all. Life is good.
- They eat real food, not pureed. Grownup food and snack. Cray cray.
-THEY! BOTH! WALK! And confidently honey! They have moves to make.
- They say some words. Joy just loves saying names and hi and hey. Lahna does all of that PLUS mimicks. If you say "say XYZ" she's going to try like hell to say it. Joy will just look at you and say hey.
- They communicate their wants and needs without saying words. They want Cheerios for dessert, they point to the top of the fridge. They want to go outside, they bring me my shoes and their shoes. They step outside to 90 degree humid weather... they turn around and come back in the house. Two nights ago Joy picked up her bath towel while I was changing Lahna, politely put it on top of the toilet seat, proceeded to go turn on the faucet (She can't reach it) and started beating on her baby bath tub. I guess she was feeling less than fresh at that moment. Too many 90 degree backyard trysts for my love.
- They disrespect child proofing. Joy has figured out how to pick up the gate. On many occasion, Lahna will be behind the gate and Joy's on the other side. She just picks the gate up, like Come on sister, I busted you out of baby jail. It's SO! FUNNY!



Anywho, my little people are little people and it's fascinating to watch. I shouldn't be surprised, but every single day they do something new or different or adult-like. For example, yesterday one square of a rug was turned up and Joy turned it back down... you know... because it was out of place and toddlers care about things being in order.

I'm having so much fun with this at this age. We love to play together. I thought 6 months was my favorite age, but 15 months might be a close second. They are a true pleasure.

So twin parents when people tell you "it gets better" and you, like me, say: WHEN? I'd say at about 13 months... or so.

Til next time!