Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Resentment...

Y'all pray for me. I am SO angry that I have to work through the holidays AGAIN. Last year, I worked through the holiday (while big and pregnant) because I wanted to save up my days to be with my babies.

THIS YEAR, I'm working through the holidays because when you go on maternity leave your vacation and sick days are used up first. So two years with no holiday vacation.

And people who actually take breaks dump all their stuff on you, so it actually ends up being a VERY busy week. 

And I know people are like "but you had 16 weeks of paid vacation time for maternity."

First of all, all of that time wasn't paid. I wish people knew the facts before they spoke.  

And it was 16 weeks of torture with two little terrorists who didn't even damn smile for the first 6 months of their lives. They just shit all up and down their backs and mean mugged me.

It was not all inclusive drinks at a resort in Jamaica.

It was not peaceful.

It was not relaxing.

It was not stress free.

It was not fun.

It was meaningful and necessary, but a vacation, it was not. 

I saw someone say they think maternity leave is a relaxing break because the moms they've talked to catch up on Netflix & DVRed shows while they are home. Well, I cannot leave the house because there's two humans hanging from my tits at all times and I can barely walk because my vagina is ripped open, so I think watching a couple of episodes of House of Cards is ok, but it's wasn't a fucking vacation.

Maybe moms on maternity leave should be forced to stare at the walls blankly to prove to others that our maternity leaves are valid.

I digress.

Got damnit, I need a break.

And since my days roll over in 2017, I SHOULD have taken off the first week in January, but I didn't have the foresight. Most days I can't think past the weekend because, you know... twins.

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