Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What I'm Reading These Days

So, if you send me something to fill out a sweepstakes to win free baby stuff, I'm DEFINITELY doing it. Maybe in the middle of the night while nursing the twins, maybe while I'm in the pump room at work, maybe when I should be in the bed sleeping, but I can use all the free stuff I can get, so I fill those things out. To get extra sweeps entries, you usually have to sign up for the newsletter of whoever is sponsoring the contest.

Now, my unsubscribe game is tight, but every once in a while there's a newsletter that I just can't unsubscribe from because the content is too good. Even if I only read the headlines because I don't have time to read the articles, I like to know what's hot in the streets, so I stay tuned. Here's a list of things that I'm reading right now.


PureWow  - It was raining in NYC one day and they hit me with the "Best places to get a cozy coffee on a rainy NYC day." AND, AND 10 different types of cornbread. Listen. I'm hooked.

DNA Info Harlem - They really localize the news, which is great in a big city of neighborhoods like NYC.

Parenting Sites
Scary Mommy - A mom site that keeps it real
Red Tricycle NYC - Fun stuff to do in NYC. My babies aren't old enough to do anything yet, but keeping this for when they are.
Mommy Poppins - More fun stuff, but also lots of casting calls. Everyone always wants identical twins, which sucks. I don't have time to be taking babies to casting calls, but hey, if we can get some more streams of income, I'm all about this baby modeling life.

PopSugar Moms - All the goodness of PopSugar (urban life hacks and content), but for moms.

Fairygodboss - This site is dope.com. It's tips for working moms and again, serving it up to you, straight, no chaser. They also have job listings for places that are good for moms to work. LOVE! THIS! SITE!
Motherly - More mom stuff. Not stuffy at all.

Fatherly - I must've signed up for this when entering a contest. I stayed on the listserv because it's very interesting to see how parenting topics are marketing differently to women and men. I'm literally interested in every article on Fatherly, but no one would send a mom a note about Monster Trucks.

Stroller Traffic - They do a Friday round-up and it always has a giveaway. I feel like that is the perfect way to get my news. Don't be in my inbox every day with crap. Let me pick from all your stories when I'm ready to indulge. 

Branded Sites 

Pampers - Lots of good info here, although it's too branded, if you ask me. Sometimes you get diaper points for reading their articles, so I read them.

Tommee Tippy - I LOVE their parent profiles. This is how brands should be doing content.
WebMD Baby - I go to them through the app. Usually AFTER I've done something in the pampers app. Again, if it's not coming directly to my inbox or timelines, I'm not really into it.

I'm reading Bustle too, but surprisingly, I don't get any of their newsletters. I link to them through Facebook mostly.

And a shout out to Sassy Plum. It was recently started by a group of moms I know online (and some I know in real life) and I want to check it out, and maybe become a contributor. JUST signed up for email updates. That's the only way I'm going to read anything.

What are you reading these days? 

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