Sunday, November 20, 2016

Twin Referee

As a new mom, I follow LOTS of new sites about parenting, and specifically. Maybe I'll do a roundup of them. On Facebook and Instagram. I see lots of the twin sites putting up memes about how being a twin parents makes you a twin referee. Sometimes you see things and don't know or understand them until they happen to you. I was really hoping my daughters would be loving, sweet, best friends. And there's still hope for that.

When they were first born, they didn't KNOW the other baby existed. It was a big milestone when they started to see each other. Now, they don't CARE that the other baby exists. I'd like to think they're just very active babies, but they may also be trying to destroy each other. We'll see.

, but here are the things I find myself saying EVERY DAY... and they are only 7 months.

10. Do not slob on her. 
9. Do not scratch her eyeballs.
8. Stop eating her head. That is not a boob. 
7. Don't you see your sister sitting right there. Do not roll over her.
6. Give her her toy back. Pick up your own toy.
5. There is only one toy like this. Please share.
4. Do not throw toys at her.
3. Do not spit on her.
2. Stop kicking her in the face.
1. Stop pulling her hair. 

Do your kids bicker? Will this ever end?

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