Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sunday Musings

So Sunday was a good day, too. I had two friends come over, one from Jersey and one from Brooklyn and they watched the girls while I did seven back-breaking loads of laundry. Good lawd, a family of four producers so much laundry. We can no longer afford to send the laundry out and there is no space for filthy clothes in our small domicile, so I MUST do laundry every seven days. Maybe 8.

ALSO, the girls had run out of bibs spit cloths. They are teething, so there are just puddles of slob all over their toys, chairs, mats, the [faux] hardwood floor, everywhere. When we start putting dish towels on them, that's how you know it was real.

So, yesterday I had no help, but survived. Today, I had help and I was tired as hell, but I survived. With twins folks, it's all about survival.

I should also add that my babies are a joy to be around. They are happy and observant and funny. They babble and they make spit bubbles and they roll and they hug and they sideeye and mean mug and giggle.

And they do cute twin stuff. They hold each other's hands and caress each other's faces. They also scratch each other and themselves. That's hard on a mama.

They kick like MMA fighters.

And they flail. You really have to hold on tight to Joy. She will bounce out of your hands and then giggle at you. They haven't full on laughed yet, but it's coming.

I'm so grateful for friends who come into town to spend the weekend with us or come uptown to spend the day with us. I have never asked for help so much in my life. And days like yesterday show that even asking for help, you will still come up short.

But today was another good weekend day with my loves and I'm happy to share my home, our food (yes, guests get chef-cooked meals) and our the peace and joy of our daughters with our closest family and friends.

Hope your Sunday was full of love too!

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Maipai said...

Totally unsolicited comment here, but I recently purchased a portable washing machine for my small SF apartment and it's a game changer. Not sure if you have room for it in your apartment (I keep mine in the closet when it's not in use) or if your building would allow it (ask for forgiveness, not permission, was my motto), but it could help with laundry room visits, even if it was just the baby stuff!