Monday, October 10, 2016

It's O.K.

Today was Saturday and I was home alone with the girls while my bf worked a double shift. I asked everyone I knew for help. Half of my friends were in Chicago for another friend's baby shower. I can eat at my bf's restaurant for free and it's the only place I've ever taken the girls for brunch. They like seeing their dad and it makes me a bit more comfortable being out and about with them.

So I asked a friend that I'm not THAT close with if she'd like to go to brunch with us. This would give me another set of hands at the table, and allow me a break from being along with infants for 16 hours.

She was game, but then she couldn't make it. She has a very sick dog and they sent her from the vet to the ASPCA hospital and that was a 2-4 hour wait, starting at 2 p.m. I was going to change our brunch date to dinner, but when the girls went down for their second nap, I knew it was a bad idea to take them out. I'm also not trying to be out in the NYC streets in the dark with my babies.

So we stayed in, and you know what. It was ok.

They took one long nap in the morning, which allowed me to take one short nap.

They also played in the Pack and Play for the first time, which allowed me to eat, pump, shower and wash my hair. Now halfway through showering and hair washing, I had to run out and position Joy so that she could see me showering, but that's still a LONG time for infants to be quiet, so I feel very blessed.

Then they took a second nap and that allowed me to twist my hair.

So I think getting everything done that I did while being home alone with two infants is nothing short of a miracle and it's days like today that make me feel like: "Everything is ok. Everything is fine. Everything is going to be AL-RIGHT!"

I hope you had a good Saturday.

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