Sunday, October 23, 2016

In Defense of the Suburbs...

Laundry is the only time of the week that I get to be alone.

After getting the kids dressed to go on a walk with their dad, pumping & finding a clean pair of leggings to wear outside, I finally make it out of the house with my granny cart loaded up with seven loads of laundry (5 normal & 2 oversized). If you read all my pregnancy posts, you know that all my leggings are cut on the side to make space for my burgeoning twin belly. I haven't quite found the time to replace them. Let me add that to my never-ending to-do list now.

As I was saying, I live in an apartment complex with six buildings. The laundry room nearest to me has 5 washers & dryers. Last week, 2 of the washers in that room were broken. I was joking with security like "I can't live like this." And he tells me two buildings over there's a MUCH bigger laundry room. I get in there: 14 washers and dryers & virtually no people. BET!

Side note: there may not be a lot of people because the door to the outside stays open & it's cold in there. I could be wrong, but it still feels like the air conditioning is on despite the crisp fall temperatures.

Anywho, I finished my laundry in the big laundry room last week. This week, it's 48 degrees & rainy & they made upgrades to the security system, so some of the key fobs don't work. Of course, mine didn't.

So I sit & wait for like 10 minutes in the cold rain for someone to open the door to the gate that leads to the large laundry room. I called security, too. They have one, old, slow, unqualified woman answering that line & she acts like she doesn't know some of the key fobs are broken. Whatever.

I finally make it into the large laundry room & realize I'd forgotten my laundry card. Damn. I load up my washers & head to my apartment, but I can't get into the service entrance to my building. Call my home for my boyfriend to buzz me in, he doesn't answer. Walk around to the front of my building, get in, get upstairs, get my laundry card, go BACK to the large laundry room, wait in the rain AGAIN for someone to open the gate only to find out I'd dropped the laundry card in transit. Fine. I'll just but a new one, it's only $5 and I've wasted almost an hour at this point.

Go to purchase it & the machine in the big laundry room only takes cash. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! I trace my steps to see if I can find it. Nope. It's windy out AND someone probably stole it the moment I dropped it.

God must be cracking up at me looking like a rat in a corn maize today with my cut up leggings falling off my butt.

Go to the small laundry room, which takes credit cards & my key fob won't open it's gate. ARGH! Find an open gate and put $50 on the card because I don't want to have to leave the big laundry room again until I'm done.

I'm currently sitting in this cold laundry room, where I will be for the next hour and 16 minutes until all of my clothes are finished washing & drying.

And, while I was writing this bleach started to leak in the bag I carry my wallet, journal & laundry supplies in. It soaked through the bag & now my black vagabond leggings and black oversized workout sweatshirt (that I never work out in) are bleached... On the left side where I carry that bag.

The good news is I get to go upstairs & take a nap. Bwahahaha. I can't believe I typed that with a straight face. Nope, despite getting up two times last night, my babies will still be bustling with energy when I get done with the laundry.

And I get to take my cold, angry, tired self upstairs to play happy twin mom. These babies didn't do anything wrong, so It'll be another Oscar winning performance.

How did your Saturday go? Mine has me considering a move to the suburbs.

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