Wednesday, October 12, 2016

But Monday Though...

Mondays are unforgiving for this working mama.

They have not been good since I got back and you know what, I just have to bounce back from it.

I have no sick days. No vacation days. No personal days. I had to use them all up before using my short term disability for maternity leave. So in the year that I'm getting the least sleep that I ever have, I have to go to work every single day with no breaks.

From the time I came back to work (August 2nd) and Thanksgiving, I only had one day (Labor Day) off. This mama is tired.

This morning I wake up. The hot water is off. Fine. I take a hoe bath... oops I mean wash up and use the extra 30 minutes to nurse my babies.

They are also going through sleep regression, so they get up 2-3x a night. Add that to all of the kicking and rolling that they're doing and this 1BR, one crib set-up is harmful to their health and my sleep.

So when a twin mama in Tribeca said she had a crib divider to sell, I was too happy to take it off of her hands. I figured I'd go Monday before work, no problem.

I go, but on the way back, end up at the Barclays center in Brooklyn when I need to be in Flatiron.

For my Chicagoans, this is like getting on the train on 95th. Your job is on State Street. Where you're picking up the baby gear in on North Avenue, but you take a wrong train coming back from North Avenue and end up on the blue line at Kedzie and Homan. I was an hour and half late for work, which means I could only pump 2x instead of 3x, which means after working a 6.5 hour day, rushing home to relieve the nanny because we can't afford overtime and nursing the girls 2-3 more times, I'll have to stay up and pump once more to make sure they have enough milk for tomorrow.

And since this is posting a few days after I wrote it, I can tell you that I left the office with my laptop bag, my pump bag and my purse... And forgot the crib divider. It's not a part of my usual set-up, so I left it on the floor. I got about one Avenue away, then went back to get it.

Get home and install the thing (but about an hour late because my boyfriend didn't realize I had it and the girls were already in the bed when I told him we should give it a try).

Well... it didn't work. My babies kick like infant MMA fighters and broke it right in half. What's really crazy is Joy's kick is WAY stronger than Lahna and Lahna's the one who broke it.

These kids don't want me to sleep AND, they definitely want their own cribs. Last night (Tuesday), we rearranged some furniture in the apartment and crib #2 is on thee way. I hope they don't go through withdrawals of being close to each other #TwinProblems

And my week hasn't really gotten any better. I'm going to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and make the most of this zombie lifestyle I'm now living.

P.S. The girls are 6 months today. WOW!

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Kanae J said...

Oh my!!!!!! Keep up the good work mommy!

I so hate that we have to deplete our time to have babies. It's so unfair. Good thing turkey day is around the corner!