Friday, October 14, 2016


The girls turned 6 months yesterday and you know what, I like this age. Let me see if I can come up with 10 reasons why.

10. They smile ALL THE TIME! They especially smile at me, which I noticed when people visit and they do NOT smile for guests, but they almost always smile for Mommy.

9. They hug and cuddle. They are still so fat, BIG CHEEKS! FAT NECKS! THICK THIGHS! And I just huddle into all those folds for my mommy snuggles. And they're not bumps on a log anymore

8.They experience new things in the best way. Their eyes get big or they giggle or they look perplexed. Lahna was in the bathroom the other day and it was like it was the first time she was in that room. The wonderment on her face could have lit up a dark room. I LOVE watching these things. 

7. They're rolling, but not crawling and not walking. So they move, but they don't move too fast just yet.

6. They don't have teeth yet, so nursing is not painful. Note, it was painful when I first started, but my nipples are basically like Stretch Armstrong arms now. I'll be nursing them and doing something else and forget they're even on my breasts.

5. Their diapers don't stink yet. We just started real food yesterday, so we'll see if this changes, but right now a "stinky" diaper is a different smell from a wet diaper, but on the whole spectrum of stinky, it barely even registers. 

4. I don't have to do their hair yet. My babies came out with a full head of hair, which they kept until about 2 months, then they're bald. My poor dears look like they have a baby mohawk on the top of their heads. Their hair is starting to grow back, but for right now I'm very happy to not have to buy three of all of the hair products I buy for myself.

3. People still ask about them and how I'm adjusting to them and work and life. I feel genuine concerns and that's great. If think once they're in school, it's not as interesting to see how someone's kids are doing or to think about the fact that they are a working parent. It's like all the challenges or infant and toddler life dissipate and everything is supposed to be perfect, so no one inquires about your wellbeing anymore. I could be wrong.

2. They bounce. Kids really will roll over and bump their heads on the floor or headbutt you or do some other really dangerous and potentially harmful thing to themselves and act like nothing happened. Even when I gasp, they look up at me like "what's the big deal?" I know as they get older, they will pick up on our queues and feel more pain because we expect them to feel pain. I don't ever want my babies to feel any pain, so I like it better right now.

1. They babble, but they still can't talk. You knew this was coming. Being flip at the mouth was the only real problem I ever gave my mom and my teachers. And I'm about to catch that times 2. I'm not ready AT ALL!  I also just relish peace. New York is so loud and the hustle is so hard. I'm not going to want to come home and hear a million questions about how the world works. Or try to make sense of what a child who doesn't REALLY know how to talk says. The little babbling they do right now is PERFECT!

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