Thursday, October 13, 2016

Baby Wonder

I originally wrote this on August 8th. How dare 2 months go  by already. Crazy.


Lahna is really good at gripping. She grips onto the adults in her life when we're holding her. She grips onto the birds that are hanging from her floor mat. And she grips really well onto toys.

The bird in question, is a rattle. It makes noise when she shakes it. So we gave her this toy that the Manhattan Toy Company sent to us as a freebie for being twin parents (thanks guys). It doesn't make as much noise. You REALLY have to shake it and she doesn't have the arm strength for that yet.

Let me tell you what happened though. She shook it and it didn't do anything. She puts in on her lap and looks at it like it's broken. She does it again. I'm observing her while she observes this toy and trying to see what's going on in her little baby brain.

When I realized that she was trying to figure out WHY it didn't make noise when she shook it I was SO PROUD! It was the same feeling I get when a client accepts my plan with no changes or a when journalists writes about my client.

So rewarding!


My greatest accomplishments are almost crawling. Wow, what a feeling! 

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