Saturday, September 24, 2016


  • I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted. Here's why: I work eight hours and don't take a lunch, so that we only have to pay the nanny 2 hours of overtime (for 10 hours) instead of 3 (for 11 hours) if I had taken a lunch. ALSO, I use my work computer as my regular computer right now because my lovely boyfriend downloaded a virus on my computer and we don't have money to get it fixed right now because twins. 
  • My work computer takes 10 minutes to boot up and usually at night, if I have 10 free minutes, I need to use it to wash bottles, drink coffee, straighten the house and go the hell to sleep before the night terrors (the babies waking up 2-3x a night) begin. 
  • So while I things cross my mind from time to time that I'd like to share with whoever's reading the opportunity cost of cracking open my laptop is typically too much. 
  • Also, I tweet a lot of #TwinMom #TwinLife stuff on my open Twitter page @tstevens312, so if you're interested, follow me there. 
  • Right now, my boyfriend is working a double shift and I'm home alone with the girls. I found out that reggae music relaxes them. Like keeps them from being fussy, so they're on two floor mats right now being downright adorable. Grabbing for each other, kicking each other. Grabbing for the birds on the mobile. Making coos and screaming (happy screams like they're testing out their vocal chords for unhappy times.) My computer happened to be open, so I decided to crack open tea and such. If this posts is published mid-sentence it'll be because someone started to throw up, choke, kick her sister to death, cry at high decibels or just plain need my full attention. It happens.
  • They are SO CHUNKY! Just fat cheeks, necks, thighs, ankles and wrists. Their legs look like they pulled on fat leggings. Nothing is better than baby cankles, nothing at all. 

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