Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I'm home alone with the babies and they're sleeping!!! Here are options for what I could do:

 I already ate and blogged. I could also:

- Clean (the air filter that needs to be cleaned once a month is one week past due)
- Fold the laundry I did at the crack of dawn this morning
- Random to-do like tracking down refunds that Amazon never issued me, but said they did
- Take a shower
- Do nothing and enjoy the quiet
- Sleep
- Baby proof the apartment (this was on my list for this weekend before I knew my boyfriend was working two double shifts and leaving me in the apartment with our infants for 2, 16-hour stretches at a time)

Such is the life of a [type A] mom. Too much to do. I can only do one of these things or maybe half of one because someone is inevitably going to get up the moment I hit peak productivity.

What would you do?

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