Monday, September 26, 2016

New York Surprises

A really cool thing about New York is that the entire city is a judgment free zone. What you lose in modesty and "decency" you gain in people not caring too much about what you have going on to judge it.

So Saturday morning, I leave my apartment out of the service entrance to do laundry at 9 a.m.. I have on some Chicago Bulls jogging pants, a navy blue graphic tee and a black satin bonnet. Yes, I wore my satin bonnet outside. Judge me. I was going from one building in my complex to another to do laundry, so I was technically still home, but whatever.

I saw an old lady on my way down. The interchange went like this

Old Lady: Is that a rain bonnet or a night bonnet?
Me: *ashamed* It's a night bonnet.
Old Lady: Oh ok
Me: I know... I'm out of order
Old Lady: Actually, I was just looking at it because my night bonnet has a drawstring and I don't like it. Yours has the elastic band. I think I'm going to get one like that.
Me: Thank you! Enjoy your morning!

Fam! I was so ready to be judged, when this old lady doesn't give two farts about what I wear on my head during the day or at night. She was trying to get her night life together.

And truth be told my night bonnet is NICE! I had my mom send me one from Chicago because while she was here, I kept stealing hers. And they don't make nice ones like this in NYC (or at least I haven't seen them at the beauty supply).

So all of that to say, I am way harder on myself than other people are on me. And New York has it's drawbacks, but I'm glad to be in a place where I can do my think without the judgmental glare of city dwellers.

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