Sunday, August 7, 2016

Home Alone...

When I'm home alone with the babies, it gets really real. I have to put them both down sometimes to go to the bathroom or eat or wash bottles.

Sometimes they're both crying and I have to put one down screaming and just console the other one.

Sometimes I have to pick them both up at the same time.

Some rare times, one is sleeping peacefully and the other is in my arms peacefully, these are my favorite times.

I was home alone one day and I had to go in the kitchen, so I put them both in their rock n plays and went into the kitchen to heat up my food.

They were both screaming. Lahna gets quiet. Joy is still screaming. Lahna had cried herself to sleep. I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but that was funny... and sad. Like so many things in life that are both funny... and sad.

Then the next day Joy did the same thing. You can always tell when they cry themselves to sleep. They have this discontent look on their face. The cutest little, heartbreaking pout. And it doesn't go away until you pick them up and hug them and squeeze them and/or feed them.

With the nanny starting and us having a lot of visitors on the weekends to help, I hope they don't have to cry themselves to sleep too much more. Precious, precious babies.

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