Thursday, August 4, 2016

Baby Fake Coughing

My children have found out that if they cough, we will stop what we're doing and attend to them. It is the FUNNIEST thing ever. Usually, all focus in the home is on them. From time to time, a conversation that does NOT include Lahna, nor Joy comes up.

They are not having it. Not for too long anyway.

When Joy was born, her first day of life, she kept choking. The first time it was just a bit of spit up, but the doctor was called in and they got her stable. Then day 2 of life, she was choking and turned blue. They whisked her away to the baby nursery while I was crying holding Lahna and my bf went with her, out of his mind worried. She was ok both times. We probably just didn't know how to burp her properly.

THEN Lahna had the stomach flu and was coughing up green bile at the end of June. Her issue was much more serious, as you know we spent five days in the pediatric ICU with her, but am thanking God for her healing.

The point is, their father and I are FREAKED OUT anytime we think they are in a position that they can't breathe (What parent wouldn't be). But we also have had bad experiences when they couldn't breathe or digest food, so our freak outs are likely more intense. We pop up out of the bed, off of the couch, run from the kitchen or the bathroom if a baby so much as clears her throat. And our children know it.

I think I discovered this about a week ago. I told the nanny who started 4 days ago and I'm not sure if she believed me. Parents tend to embellish. I try not to, but a big part of embellishing is not ACTUALLY remembering what happened or when. So you retell the story and it's bigger or smaller than you remember.

I digress.

So I get home from work on day 2 and the nanny goes: they did the cough thing twice today. She said it like she couldn't believe it. And I'm looking like: I told you. Um hm. My little boogers. So young and they already learning how to get the attention they need. Future PR divas, perhaps?

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