Monday, July 11, 2016


Every day that I cut the girls fingernails, I feel like supermom! Not only did I

1. Remember to do it while they were sleeping before whisking them off to bed,
2. I kept them sleep long enough to cut off 10 TEENY TINY baby nails that seem so small when I'm cutting them, but are responsible for all of the tiny cuts and abrasions on their precious faces. Can we just call it baby microdermabrasion? No?

3. I did not injure them in the process (this time)

Supermom right here! 

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Ishea said...

Good job girl! Clearly I don't have kids, so the closest I can relate to is being terrified to clip my cat or dog's nails... which I never did. Nope. Not gonna happen. So I give you a round of applause for keeping your kids nails looking fleeky lol