Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rookie Moves

As a new mom there are some rookie moves that I have made. They're all really hilarious:

1. Put the babies down without burping them - They will be up in 5-7 minutes, then stay up for another hour because I skipped this crucial step.

2. Left a poopy diaper on the changing table - I forgot my children are 20 inches long and like to karate kick. Now the baby has a poopy booty AND a poopy foot (or two or four).

3. Removed a soiled diaper without putting the other diaper under the baby's bum. Played myself.

4. Fed a baby without a burp cloth in sight - I usually have them strategically placed all over the apartment. However, when someone tries to be helpful and straighten up and/or when it's laundry day, I get caught slipping. Baby juices all over me and the furniture. Damn shame.

5. Not washing pump parts immediately after using them. It's inevitable that the next time I need to pump, it's going to be dirty. And it's going to be a sink full of dirty dishes that I need to wash or put to the side before I wash and sterilize the pump parts. But more often that not, I'm exhausted after pumping and just say "I'll get to that later." and later involves me leaking milk all over the damn place because my pump parts have to be scrubbed down with dried up milk in them. Womp womp.

What funny things have you done with your baby one time that made you form better habits?


Ishea said...

Have you tried your breast milk? I've heard of folks giving it a taste, but wondered if it actually happens that much lol... random, I know.

T said...

I have tried my breastmilk actually, but by mistake. It will pop into my face when I pump or when my breasts are engorged. It's sweet. It takes like milk with sugar.