Monday, July 4, 2016

Money on My Mind

  • My direct deposit didn't hit at midnight. I was at HR's inbox at 12:01a.m. I'm exaggerating, it was 12:20 a.m. By the time they got in, the money was in my bank account and I look like a crazy new mom. Whatevs. 
  • My promo code expired on my internet service. Between the increased price, the cost of Hulu and Netflix, I might as well be paying for cheap cable. With the limited options on Netflix, I might be hustling backwards with this set-up.
  • I ask people for advice on couponing and they send me advice on EXTREME COUPONING. Fam. I don't have time to be clipping coupons every Sunday. I also don't have space to be stockpiling off brand goods in my home. I want to save money on the groceries I BUY with the brands I LIKE. Does anyone have any tips for how to do that? 
  • I did get about $20 off my total at Target with a mix of coupons from Grocery IQ coupons, cartwheel and Target Redcard. I'm seriously not a couponer, so I was super proud of myself for using a couple of apps to make it happen (instead of spending every waking moment clipping coupons)!

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