Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lets Get Excited About Bibs!

You know what I'm excited about today: bibs. I have finally found the bibs I like. They are TEETHING bibs. Not newborn bibs or layette bibs or toddler bibs or feeding bibs. They are Carter's TEETHING bibs. They are fleece on the back and terry cloth on the front. They have velcro closures (most of them) and no slob or spit up soaks through. They mostly come in sets with baby clothes, but sometimes you can buy them by themselves.

This is like finding the perfect tights. When I found out the American Apparel M-L was perfect for me you couldn't tell me nothing. I'm talking about they aren't so tight they're cutting off my circulation, but they aren't so loose that they fall down. They account for my slim frame AND they pull all the way up, BUT they don't pull up SO high that it looks like I bought high waisted tights. They are perfect. I buy them in every color and multiple pairs in black. I pay whatever they costs because nothing is as embarrassing as having to constantly pull one's tights up or down.

And since finding these perfect (yet expensive) bibs, I have gotten very excited. I actually stopped folding laundry to come write about how excited I am about some damn bibs.

That's how you know it's real.

The nanny starts tomorrow.

I'm back to work on Tuesday.*

*If you didn't spend any sleepless nights with twins this spring/summer i'ont wanna hear how you think that went so fast. It went about the right pace. LOL!

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