Sunday, July 10, 2016

Grateful for Infants

I know (or have heard) that you have to cherish every moment of motherhood because it goes so fast. Here are the top 10 reasons I love that my babies are still infants, based almost entirely on things that other moms complain about.

10. They can't talk, so they can't sass me.

9. They're immobile, so they can't follow me into the bathroom. It's like a sanctuary in there.

8. They can't talk, so they can't tell me what they will and won't eat.

7. They can't crawl, so they can't hurt themselves, nor tear up nice things in my home.

6. I'm their favorite person. I know they're going to be pre-teens and teens soon and probably won't be able to stand me. AND I know as an adult I'm going to get on their last nerves (it's what moms do), but right now, their faces LIGHT UP when they see me. I sometimes want to leave the house, just to get back and see them see me. They are the best.

5. Their feet don't stink. Nothing on them stinks. They smell like heaven. They can go days without baths and still smell awesome. Their bibs will smell like death, but their little bodies still smell like the sweet soaps and lotions we put on them.

4. I don't have to purchase any extra food. As long as I eat A LOT of calories, then they're well fed. How amazing is that?

3. I don't have to comb their hair yet. Nope, just wash it in the bath and put some coconut oil on it and they're fresh to death. I don't even brush it (their dad brushes it to keep it cute), but I think it's cute messy. It's the best thing ever!

2. Being fat is not frowned upon at this age. We all know fat kids are ca-yute. Maybe not the healthiest. Maybe a talking point for food companies everywhere, but babies... FAT BABIES ARE THE BEST! And my little sweeties have fat cheeks and chunky thighs and I cannot get enough. YAY BABIES!

1. They have a lot of clothes, but they don't take up that much space. A month's worth of onesies only take up a half of a drawer. Can you imagine how many closets we're going to need when these princesses are teens?

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Ishea said...

I love you -- you put "they can't talk twice" and knowing how opinionated you are, I'm sure there's a reason why you're savoring that double blessing lol