Monday, July 18, 2016

Baby Milestones - (July 2016-ish)

  • Lahna stopped putting her middle finger up. I wish I would have taken a photo of this when she used to do it. She was a newborn, probably not even 1 month old, but when she went to sleep she was always flipping the bird. Symbols and gestures aren't positive or negative until you assign meaning to them. I wonder if our reactions to her let her know it was bad and she stopped or if she just found better stuff to do with her little hands. 
  • The girls smiled at each other. This happened late in June. I was nursing them on the Z pillow and it was almost like they were having a staring contest, then they both smiled. They also started touching each other on purpose (vs. inadvertently punching each other because I had them too close to each other). They looked like they were trying to hold each other's hands. So cute!
  • Lahna found her tongue. She chews on it like it's a piece of gum. And she sticks it out and laughs. She plays a game with her dad where they take turns sticking their tongues out at each other. I don't even care that it's bad manners. She like 0. We'll teach her about manners later.
  • Joy found her tongue too! (these things happened about a week apart)  
  • About a week before my mom left (so early July) they both were big enough to fit in the Snuggapuppy Swing. That thing puts babies RIGHT to sleep, but it went to fast for them when they were newborns. Now that they have some weight on them, they like it a lot. 
  • The girls used to have to be completely sleep for us to set them in the Rock N Plays. Now they'll sit in it, kick and coo without crying. They still don't love that set up (they prefer to be sleeping in the rock n plays), but it's nice to have another place to set them .
  • They are growing out of the Boppy Lounger. Their little feet are dangling off the sides. 
  • Joy can still wear 0-3 month clothes, but the 3-6 months are not falling off of her. Lahna is solidly in 3-6 months. 
  • Lahna stopped crying when I take boogers out of her knows. It's like she understands after the process that she will be able to breathe better and she's good with it. She's also a very smart baby. She knows what her surroundings are (or at least she think she knows). When she was in the hospital, any time we set her on a flat surface and a stranger approached her she would scream. This was after a couple of failed IV attempts. She knew (or thought she knew) what the new strangers were coming for. She's the same way when we go in the bathroom. If I sit down on the [closed] toilet with her in my lap, she knows the blue snot sucker is not far behind. And so she used to start crying on site. Now, she doesn't.

So many new things and they're only 3 months.

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