Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Babies Do the Cutest Things

The stages of baby development happen so fast. As much as I can, I'm going to write down little things they do, so I can re-read it later and remember all the things. Here are a few.

They both took their first train ride on July 18th. 

Joy loved it. She almost got whiplash, looking around from side to side every time a train went by. She was staring at all of the people. She also fell asleep in her Baby Bjorn. Movement does that to babies every time.

Lahna did not like it at all. She would fall asleep from the movement and then every time the train started back up again, she'd cry. She does not like the noise. She acts the same way when her dad runs the nutribullet. No matter where she is in the apartment, she starts to scream. We have to show her: "See, it's daddy. It's just a smoothie, everything's ok." She still doesn't care and will holler until it goes off. I hate seeing her terrified like that.

We took them to my job to show off. I had to change them in a conference room and Lahna HATED the flourescent lighting when she was flat on the conference table. My poor baby is still traumatized by her hospital stay.

Joy is baby babbling. YOU GUYS!!! IT IS SO CUTE!!!! It's especially endearing in the morning. We don't know if she wants to get out of the crib or if she's content just talking to us (or maybe she's talking to her sister, or maybe she's talking to herself.) So we just pause and listen to her coo and gurgle. I want to bottle up all this goodness and sell it. So sweet!

Lahna isn't talking yet. Or if she is (I seriously can't remember), it isn't for long stretches like Joy.

Joy babbles when adults are talking. She wants to join in. She babbles when she's spit up on herself and/or when she poops and is sitting by herself. So she's in her rock n play and she doesn't need to scream the way she would if she was hungry or ready to get up. She's kind of content in the mess, but not really. She's essentially like "look what I did?" or "Somebody come clean me up." or "I have a surprise for you!"

She also smiles and laughs if she poops, pees or spits up on you while you're changing her. And when I see that initial sly smile, I always say "oh, are you happy to see mommy?" because she has such glee on her face. Then 2 seconds later there's an explosion and then she giggles and looks away. She tricks me every time. Such personality, my youngest. 

They are both hitting and kicking the mobiles hanging from their baby mats. Joy kicks at like a 45 degree angle and Lahna kicks straight out. Lahna is better at grabbing for one of the birds on the mobile. Joy doesn't have AS much hand activity, but she does grasp for the objects. It's super fun to just watch them kick and punch. I get so much joy from it. I could seriously watch them moving around in their little baby ways all day.

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