Friday, June 10, 2016

Weird Attachments

I am the type of person who remembers clothes. I can remember what day of the week an encounter took place by remembering what people wear. When I think back to good times that I've had, I could tell you exactly what I was wearing and what people had on before I remember where we were in said outfits.

I wouldn't call myself a fashionista, but I know how to get fly every now and again (especially if I know I'm going to be with my fashionista friends). I just love clothes and creating new looks with old favorites. (My love for textiles was revealed as fact when I had to make space in my closets for both my mother and my boyfriend's clothes. I see why storage units are so prevalent in NYC.)

What I didn't realize was the emotional attachment I have to clothes. My girls (and all babies) outgrow clothes VERY fast. With all the gifts and donations we've been blessed with, I've only had to purchase one pack of onesies in 7 weeks. They have SO MANY clothes.

I don't usually dress them identically, but I dress them similarly. And there are some outfits that they look SO cute in, either separately or as a pair. Or outfits that they had milestones in that I remember. Or colors that look better on them than others. (Right now I'm loving mint, yellow and coral on my babies). I've been getting so sad when I have to move my favorite outfits out of the "active clothing roster" and into the donation pile.

My kids aren't celebrities. When I see them in stuff I like I want to see them in it again and again. But here I am, throwing their childhood into a bag for Goodwill piece by piece. (LOL! I'm so dramatic, I know.)

What about you? Are you attached to clothing items or would you prefer celebrity status where you only wear each item once?

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