Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tea's Must Have Nursery Items

With twins, sharing a nursery with my little ones and limited storage space in a 1BR NYC apartment, I have some very specific needs as a new mom. However, I still needed to create a safe, warm and loving space for my little ones.

Most of my nesting happened after I had the babies. During late night feeding sessions, it became clear what I was missing (a noise machine and dim lights, anyone). I'm happy to say all of the gear in my nursery is affordable, efficient with space and completely functional.

I'm no photo shop guru and polyvore only has clothes, so head to Pinterest to see my top 10 (or more) must-have nursery items.

Be sure to share with any moms making the most of a small living space.

What's your must-have nursery item? 

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