Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Baby is Home!

It was an excruciatingly painful 5 days and four nights in the hospital, but Lahna is home. She ended up having gastroentiritis (stomach flu) and ileus (enlarged intestines with immobile bowels). For you or I, that might not be the biggest deal, but for a 10 week old it meant pediatric ICU.

I was so glad when she could finally drink breast milk again and doubly glad when they said she was tolerating it fine and we could go home. That was late Tuesday night.

She's since had a pediatric appointment with her pediatrician and with the pediatric surgeon at the hospital.

Both gave her a clean bill of health.

Then on Saturday, she started vomiting again. When I got done crying, I called her pediatrician and pediatric ICU. It seems that she also has a cold (I knew that, no big). But her little body doesn't know how to rid itself of the mucus in her nose, so it ends up in her stomach and she vomits it out. We used some saline solution and a humidifier and she's been good since then.

My mom was away for the weekend and said to heat up some oil, pray over it, rub it on her head, thank Jesus for healing and she would be fine.

I did exactly that and she's fine. I was praying in the hospital, but I should have annointed her head earlier. Maybe our 5 day stay would have been cut down.

I am very happy to have Godly counsel and faithful friends and caretakers. Thank you for everyone who read my last post and said a prayer for my baby. You are a part of my village and I appreciate you. 

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