Thursday, June 9, 2016

More Milestones

These are so random

- Both girls have graduated from newborn clothes to 0-3 months. (These are, in fact, two different sizes.) At first Joy stayed in newborn and Lahna was in 0-3 months. Now both of my babies are bigger. And just like adult clothes 0-3 months in one brand can run bigger or smaller than 0-3 months in another brand.

- They are both drinking more than 2 oz of milk. It's hard to know how much babies are drinking when you breastfeed. So when I'm nursing they just drink until their heart's content. But, when I supplement, we give them one of those 2 oz pre-mixed formula bottles. They both finish and look up like "Seriously? Where's the rest."

- Changes in skin color - I didn't realize how pale my children were until I looked back at the Day 1 pics. Also friends who visited at the hospital have since stopped by our home and immediately noticed that they girls have darker skin. They've gone from their dad's light skin color to my less light, but still not very dark skin color. It's hilarious because I thought I was so much darker than the babies, but I do a side by side and yep, I'm as light as them. This is so problematic because I'm usually more almond-y in the summer time. Mama hasn't hit a beach in two years. Next summer, it's on! LOL!

- Interacting with toys/objects - We have two activity mats for them. They are supposed to get 20 minutes of tummy time a day. Usually they just cry like the dickens when we put them on the mats. At about 7 weeks, they began to enjoy it. They follow the mobiles with their eyes and reach for the stuffed animals with their hands and feet. They follow the sounds of music and noises from the toys. It's so amazing to see them develop. 

- Seeing further - Joy seems to have been watching everyone from Day 1, but Lahna had a harder time focusing. They're both on target, but Joy is a bit advanced in this area. Anywho, Lahna is beginning to look at things like the air conditioning unit, windows, blinds, walls, photos on the wall and couch pillows like she's never seen them before. I stare at her while she discovers new things and it makes me very happy.

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