Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Joy Play Too Much

Joy is a busy body. She was all over the place in my womb and her ascent into the outside world was no different.

When I went into the operating room both babies were head down. Lahna came out first. Three excruciatingly painful pushes with her head and shoulders lodged into my vagina and boom, Lahna, mommy's first born was here. She was beautiful as the day is long and ready for whatever.

Then there's Joy. When I was pregnant I couldn't sleep because sleep was trampoline time for her. When I ate it was kung fu time. And when I would walk, it was stretch out (and squeeze mommy's bladder time). Lahna moved in my womb, but much less.

So of course, during birth Joy flipped over (no longer head down) while her sister was being born. It was clearly play time for her. So since she was no longer head down, doctor 1 sticks her hand inside of me to pull Joy out by her feet. It sounds scary because every time you hear of a baby coming out by their feet, it's an indication that something is wrong. Not so with twins. We'd discussed the need to go in and get her if she wasn't head down after Lahna was born and I was ready. I also couldn't feel the doctor inside of me because my epidural was STRONG! After a particularly painful pregnancy, I couldn't see any good reason to be in pain during labor. I'd gotten an extra dose. Legal drugs baby!

The babies also have two different sets of doctors. So while Lahna was being cleaned and footprinted and checked, another team of doctors moved in for Joy. So why are most twins born one minute apart (C-sections) or 5 or 6 minutes apart and mine were a full 12 minutes apart?

Well first, they had to break Joy's sac. Yep, I had fraternal twins. Two babies: two amniotic sacs. All this nonsense about babies knowing each other in the womb is kind of not true for fraternal twins. They were neighbors, not roommates. Anwho, one sac broke while they were inducing me, but Joy wanted to stay inside and keep playing. Then doctor 1 grabs Joy's feet, Joy thinks it's a game and jerks her feet back into mommy. They send doctor 2 in and Joy likely does it again. She thinks we're playing keep away or something. They finally pulled her slimy, happy behind out of me at 3:32 p.m. She was smaller than her sister (with a vaginal delivery, thank God) and her eyes were open. I'm not even joking. Joy's eyes have never been closed (unless she's sleeping).

When she first started nursing she would suck on my nipple, stop look up and me, move her head around and do it again and again (vs. getting the food that she needs). See what I'm saying? Play time. And even now at 6 and a half weeks (the day I wrote this), Lahna is about her business. If Lahna's awake it's because it's purposeful. She's trying to eat, be changed and go back to sleep. She doesn't want to play and she will SCREAM (ooh these screams) until you do something meaningful for her life.

Not Joy. Joy is up, looking around. She was the first to play with the plush toys on the playmat. She'll chill with mommy or daddy or grandma without crying. She's trying to be up and see what all the fuss is about. She's about this party life. Ever since day 1... Joy play too much. :)

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