Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Grandmas Be Lyin'

I've told you all how much of a Godsend my dear mother was before I had the babies. The same has been true of her extended stay in New York upon their arrival.

However, since we're in such close quarters, I hear most of her phone conversations. She's the liaison between the rest of the family and me. She answers all of the tough questions (and tends to the ridiculous small talk), so I can focus on my only job feeding, clothing and comforting two new humans.

The other day I hear her on the phone:

"Um hm... well, Lahna means peace and it's so true. I don't think I've heard her cry one time."


Now, in the first couple of weeks my mom wasn't on overnight duty with the girls (we've since stopped playing ourselves and spread the wealth)... but in those first couple of weeks, it's POSSIBLE that Lahna slept SO much that my mother never heard her cry. AND my mom slept through the night, so she didn't hear those shrill night screams.

What's more likely is that grandparents see perfect little angels, when parents know that their kids have problems and situations.

Anyway, if you're a journalist, a prosecutor, anyone seeking the God honest truth, do not ask a grandparent. Grandmas be lyin'!

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