Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Giving Birth And Such

Everyone always wants to know what birth is like. I, for one, never wanted to know. I didn't watch "A Baby Story" on TLC. I didn't read books extensively or show YouTube

It's a pain I wanted to have and forget.

However, I feel like it's my duty to share what it's like. Please know that it's different for every woman, but for me:

Giving birth was EASY.

Yep. 36 weeks and 6 days of PREGNANCY was hard. Two weeks of pain and medical health conditions POST-pregnancy were HARDER than the whole damn pregnancy (because I actually had to care for two newborns with no sleep while being sick myself). Actually giving birth was a snap.

I was all concerned about vaginal tearing and my friend who's already a mom was like "Girl, after a hard pregnancy, you won't even care about, nor feel the vaginal tearing." SHE WAS RIGHT!

Here's my metaphor.

Giving birth was like getting a brazilian wax. It HURTS, but it's quick. I was in active labor for no longer than two hours. I was induced and hit 8 cm at about 2 p.m. I went into the operating room at about 3... (since I'm high risk, even though I delivered vaginally, it had to be done in the O.R. in case a complication arose). Lahna was born at 3:20 p.m., Joy was born at 3:32 p.m. and I was rolled back into the labor and delivery room by 4. Even with an epidural it hurt like HELL. HELL, but it was like 3 pushes and it was over.

Being pregnant, on the other hand, was like getting a bikini wax with an inexperienced aesthetician every hour on the hour for 36 weeks (and 6 days). No, bikini waxes don't hurt as much as brazilians, but if you had to endure them for weeks or months on end NONSTOP, you would be raw as a sushi bar (poor visual, I'm apologize).

For the mommies, do you agree with my assessment? Or was your pregnancy easier than your delivery? For those not yet moms, have you heard giving birth described like this before? Is the picture clearer, LOL?

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