Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Best Thing / Worst Thing

As a mom, there are some wonderful things and some horrible things.

Best Thing Ever

Baby Feet - OHMIHGAWD! Baby feet are thee BEST! They are so small and so soft and so cute and SO PERFECT! I can't stop kissing and biting my kids' feet.

Worst Thing Ever

Joy's Lip Quiver - Honey, Kerry Washington ain't got nothing on my baby. She curls her little lip up looking unhappy and I cannot take it. I would cut off my right arm and give it to her if that would make her look happy again. Gruesome, I know, but this child has me wrapped around her finger. When Joy quivers her lips my entire world is rocked.*

*Her sister has me wrapped up too, but Lahna's went to the Rahm Emanuel school of coercion. She demands mommy's attention through shrill screams rather than giving me sweet pained faces.

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