Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baby Milestones - June 2016

- The girls are doing social smiles (when someone smiles at them and they smile back). They do it the most with my mom (grandma). They play me when I try to make them smile.

- They are in the 3-6 month clothes range. CRAZY! Those clothes looked like sacks when I first folded them up. Now they fit my girls just a bit loose. But the 0-3 month stuff is a bit snug.

- They both enjoy playing on their mats.

- Lahna likes tummy time. She pushes herself up and controls her own neck. Joy still cries when we put her on her tummy.

- They noticed each other. This is so funny to people when I tell them, but the twins seem to not know the other existed until recently. I caught Lahna staring at Joy one day. Then Joy staring at Lahna one day. Then while I was tandem feeding them they were looking at each other instead of staring up at me. It's such a joy to watch them grow and observe each other.

- Joy is turning into a jealous little sister. A big part of this is likely us leaving her in the apartment for so many hours while Lahna was in the hospital. But she wants everything Lahna wants. If Lahna is feeling, Joy wants to feed. If Lahna is with grandma, Joy wants to go to grandma. Lahna's not like that. She's in her own world. I hope that [perceived] jealousy fades. I really want them to be loving, supportive sisters.

- Have I talked about their swaddles here? They now have swaddles around the bottom part of their body in order to go to bed at night. So they are each in a Y or T formation every night and they end up in the same position, no matter how I put them to sleep. ADORABLE! 

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