Friday, June 3, 2016

Babies Don't Know ANYTHING

I know you're looking at the title of the post, like duh! But it really is amazing how little babies know and how fast they learn.

They don't know how to eat. They will know they're hungry and know your breast has milk in it, but they don't know that if they put their mouth on your breast, they can get food. You seriously have to teach a baby how to latch onto your breast. And it's biological, it's natural, so if you're not doing it right

They don't know how to sleep. Babies realize that they don't know anything. So they are irritable, cranky and exhausted, but they don't want to leave the waking world. They may miss a conversation mommy and daddy are having. They may miss the opportunity to interrupt mommy's meals and showers. They may miss the UPS man (Al) dropping off a package. They know they need to be sleeping, but they

They don't know what body movements are harmful to them. They will punch themselves in the face so hard that they wake up. This is usually after eating and taking forever to go to sleep. Then they will scream bloody murder like YOU punched them in the face. Then they want to eat again and be rocked to sleep again.

When it comes to emotions, they're uncertain of a few things as well. They don't know that mommy, daddy and grandma will never leave them. So if they don't see one of us, they will cry in fear that they are alone. This is when they're awake. If they're sleeping and they wake up and DO see one of us, they will want to be picked up, soothed, fed, changed OR rocked back to sleep.

I never thought my life would come to this, but this morning after feeding Lahna and putting her back to sleep, I crawled on the floor like a military cadet in basic training because she opened her eyes, but didn't see me. I would prefer to slither my post-pregnancy belly across the hardwood floor than to have to change her AGAIN, feed her AGAIN and soothe her back to sleep AGAIN. Not to mention, while I'm tending to Lahna again, Joy will likely wake up and want the same thing. And I can't tend to them at the same time.

So yeah, today's mommy chronicles includes ways to hide from your baby to keep her sleeping and I was victorious!

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