Saturday, May 28, 2016

Who Are They: Meet Lahna

I'm pretty sure I'm going to start doing the thing where I write posts to you all (the world) FROM the twins. Before I had kids, I thought this was completely weird, but I get it now. There are so many things I think my kids are thinking based on how they interact with me and I want to share it with the world.

Anywho, they say babies don't have personalities for a while. That has NOT been true at all for my twins. Here's a bit about them that you may or may not be able to pick up in the photos. 


  • Lahna means peace. 
  • Lahna is Baby A, the oldest, my firstborn (Baby A means she was closest to my cervix during pregnancy).
  • For the majority of the third trimester Lahna was head down (so positioned to exit the womb) and still.
  • For the majority of the pregnancy Lahna was smaller than her sister.
  • Lahna was born 5 lbs, 12 oz (5 ozs BIGGER than her sister).
  • Lahna is always on chill mode... until she's not. In every pic I send of her, she's sleeping. Which would lead you to believe she's the quiet one. Howsoever, when she's hungry, she wants food NOW! She will scream bloody murder until she gets her mouth to the boob. THIS is why we don't have any pics of her while she's awake. She won't stay still long enough for an iPhone shot. And her cries are PIERCING! She said being peaceful has nothing to do with being quiet and she is going to be HEARD, do you hear me! This is the same personality that spent the last 13 weeks of her gestational period head down. She's BEEN ready.
  • Lahna doesn't like to be held like a baby. She likes to be in a football hold. Again, this allows her to look out into the world. I think this is why she was the first born. She's like, let me scope out the situation. 
  • Lahna is rarely still. She likely got the memo that I'm not having any more kids and decided to take on more traditionally male baby characteristics like NEVER SITTING STILL. I love my little bouncy baby! 
  • Lahna sleeps more than her sister. Any time we try to leave the house with one child, we take whoever is up and it's never Lahna.

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