Sunday, May 29, 2016

Who Are They: Meet Joy

Here are some things I've noticed about Joy's personality so far

  • Joy is a happy baby. She smiles in her sleep and it is the sweetest thing you'll ever experience. 
  • As she's grown older, she's not JUST happy, but very expressive. I can get 22 facial expressions from her in a one minute period. It's little bits of amazing to watch her and imagine what's she's thinking. One of my favorites is grumpy old man face. She wears it so well.
  • Joy's eyes have always been open. From Day 1. She came out of my womb with her eyes open. In my hospital pic, she's winking. And that's likely because we woke her up to take the picture. She's so bright eyed and I love it. 
  • Joy is my mover and shaker. She was a busy body in my womb. I was a high risk pregnancy and got way more ultrasounds and stress tests than the average pregnancy. Towards the end, it was monitoring twice a week and every time Joy would be in a different position. Parallel to Lahna, perpendicular to Lahna, side by side next to Lahna, on top of Lahna (to the point that we could only see one baby on the ultrasound), in a T (legs near Lahna's head and body facing the other way), fetal position, stretched completely out... She would not stay still. I imagine her tap dancing on Lahna's amniotic sac (and my bladder) talmbout "I STAY WOKE!" 
  • Joy does NOT like baths... Originally anyway. Like all little ladies, I think she's starting to enjoy it.  

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