Saturday, May 14, 2016

Posted to a Mom's Group

I posted this to a mom's group on May 14th. Reposting here, so I don't forget it!

Hey ladies, funny tidbit. My babies made one month on Thursday & we took them to their first outing today (outside of local walks and pediatrician's office). It was the Manhattan Twins Club annual picnic & I've been looking forward to it for months. I wanted to wear something other than my new mom outfit of leggings & a tank, so I found a flowy shirt (to put on top of my new mom outfit). It was perfect, it just had to be ironed. Ironed. I thought that I could nurse 2 kids twice, pack a baby bag, a picnic bag, shower, leave the apartment AND IRON before 11am. #facepalm We finally made it out by 11:30 (no small feat) & I was wrinkled as an accordion. *Googles wrinkle free shirts* LOL!

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