Sunday, May 15, 2016

One a Day

I'm learning as a new mom AND a mom of twins that I can only do one thing a day that's not feeding, clothing or comforting my newborns.

I can either:

shower or
go to the post office or
call the insurance company or
respond to email or
cook or
clean or
sort the laundry for the laundry service or
put the laundry away or
balance my checkbook or
wash my hair or
twist my hair or
write a blog.

You think I'm kidding. If I shower AND send clothes to the laundry, I will be EXHAUSTED during night time feedings. And exhausted mommy is NOT good for babies. They pick up on all of my energy. If I'm exhausted they are going to be cranky... catch 22. 

For someone like me who is a list maker and task master, this is one-a-day business could be torture. I've had a lot of practice doing nothing while I was unemployed (because I didn't WANT to do anything) and when I was pregnant (because I COULDN'T do anything). But it's still difficult to know I have a list of things to do and they won't get done for days or even weeks.

HOWEVER, as a new mom my ONLY job is to make sure the kids are clothed, fed and comforted and I do that EVERY DAY! I nurse two babies 8-10 times a day... each. This leaves me 4 hours left in the day. I USUALLY use those 4 hours for sleep (it's not 4 consecutive hours, but 4 hours nonetheless). One days when I have one more thing to do, I get 3 and half hours of sleep.

So if I don't do ANYTHING ELSE every single day, it's still a good day if the kids are doing well.

I hope this teaches me how to have an "it is what it is" attitude. It's very contra to who I am. My natural attitude is usually "it can be fixed" or "I can MAKE it happen." That's so different from "Eh, it didn't happen today, we'll do it tomorrow... or later." 

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