Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Little Sweethearts

Here they are in all of their "we were just born 2 days ago" glory! Thank God for the photographer they send to your postpartum suite. I had no time (or money) to research and schedule baby pics. Also, 6 weeks in and they look so different from these day 2 pics.

I'm super weird about photos. I'm definitely not going to be sharing a lot of "here's what we did today" photos to Facebook. I'm starting to open up a bit on Instagram, but I think the blog will be the place that I share the most pics. (or if you want pics, text me and I'll send them to you).

ALSO, I have NO IDEA what to do with all these pics on my cell phone. I love printed pictures, but this is not the 90s where I just kept a disposable camera in my purse. I have HUNDREDS of photos each month now. I actually pay for extra cloud storage, so I don't even have to edit my pics to make space like most folks do. How do I edit all those pics? What to share? What to print out. What to *gasp* delete?

I'm thinking about a Snapfish or Shutterfly subscription where they just send you all the photos you've taken in a month. Does that even exist?

Anywho, here are the girls!

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Miss Ti said...

So sweet!!! Thanks for sharing!