Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Harlem Problems

Location. Location. Location.

I love living in Harlem, NY, but there are some real issues with being trap adjacent. Or living in the renovated apartment of a building that likely used to be the projects. And/or being a member of the gentrifying class of folks to a neighborhood formerly known as the trap.

Stores in these areas are lacking and everyone does not deliver to these parts.

Here's a list of things I cannot get at my address:

  • Pizza Hut (Domino's comes by here though)
  • Uber Eats (so sad)
  • Via (A low-cost Uber. They don't go above 110th. Travesty)

Here's a list of things that I cannot find in my neighborhood:
  • Fully stocked pharmacies... now a story.

While I was pregnant, I had to purchase a blood pressure monitor for gestational hypertension to make sure it wasn't preeclampsia. I sent my boyfriend to the CVS on 125th, they don't carry them. They sent him to a surgical supply store in the area, they don't carry them.

I called Duane Reade on 145th, they don't carry them. I finally order one from Harlem Pharmacy and Surgicals and they never call me to tell me if it arrived or not.

I go back to the doctor and tell him I ordered it and he scolds me and says EVERY PHARMACY HAS IT. So I go to the pharmacy across the street from the hospital... midtown, Columbus Circle/Hell's Kitchen area, full shelf of blood pressure monitors.

Someone explain to me how African-Americans can have the highest incidence of high blood pressure, but when I look for a high blood pressure monitor in my black neighborhood, I can't find any. I'm tripping over soul food restaurants up here though.

Pisses me off.

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