Monday, May 2, 2016

Big Sis Wisdom

I think I posted about this already. I can't remember. Sorry, if you're reading it twice.

My big sister told me I would miss being pregnant. YOU A LIE! She said when you're pregnant, the babies are yours. You don't really have to share them with anyone. But then when you have them, they belong to the world. Everyone can see them and hold them and touch them and be with them.

It's true about not wanting to share. (I don't miss being pregnant though.)

- My mom sends pics of the girls to her friends and I'm upset that she has pics of them that I don't. I'm also [fake] upset that her friends have access to my children. Like, no.
- When people see the double stroller and get googly eyed. They can't help but to stop and stare at the babies. "I" like to put a cover over their faces. 1) to prevent colic, but 2) because it's no one's business what my kids look like. Their father, however, is like *Mufasa voice* REMOVE THE COVERS! He loves showing these little pretty girls off. (They look just like him. I wouldn't know they were mine except I SAW them come out).
- Sometimes when people hold them, I get a bit like, is this ok. Should other people be holding my baby... unless I'm tired, in which case TAKE THEM PLEASE, mama needs rest.

And then they've been real to me since the moment I found out I was pregnant. It's like they just began to exist for everyone else on April 12. That's kind of weird, too. They're 8 months older to me that they look.

And now I have to share.

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