Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Day Of Firsts

With newborns, there are so many firsts. First time nursing, first baths, first outfits, first time sleeping through the night.  

My girls are one month and 2 days today. They're still SO young and and new and little (just under 8 lbs each). Lots of things about taking care of them scare me. Even though I know God blessed me with them, I'm overwhelmed some days with the magnitude of being responsible for two additional lives.

That said, firsts are so special to me. I have to stop and take a moment to note what they are, so I don't forget.  

Today was a big day for me. It was the Manhattan Twins Club picnic in Central Park. I've been a member of the group for months and it has been so helpful. The discussion board is amazing. I've found my pediatrician on there, gotten advice about high risk pregnancy, things to add to the nursery... all from moms who know what it feels like to have 2. The classifieds are also helpful. I got a great deal on used car seats and I look forward to finding my nanny from recommendations from the board. It's the best $50 I've spent all year.

Here are all of our firsts from today:

- Went to our first outing (outside of the pediatrician's office). Our babies were the youngest at the picnic and therefore a main attraction.
- I nursed in public for the first time. Being around a bunch of other parents, it wasn't weird at all. I had some trepidation about it, but it was fine. Shout out to Udder Covers.
- I met moms from MTC in person for the first time (and made some great connects to people with twins the same age or near the same age as my babies. I look forward to nurturing those relationships)

Separate, but related
- I clipped Joy's nails for the first time today. Both girls have been scratching themselves and I've been putting this off because babies are so spastic. I'm afraid they're going to hurt themselves OR me while I'm doing it. BUT I found a moment of peace while she was sleeping. I haven't gotten to Lahna yet. She's been a busy body, but I feed them 8 times a day, so I'll find another moment soon.

 I'm sure there are many more firsts to come. Looking forward to [strike] chronicling them here so I don't forget [/strike] sharing them with you all!

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