Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Twin Project

Let me tell you about my amazing mother. She touches down in New York is ready to work. I can't do anything, so she's my proxy. Cleaning closets to make space, dropping clothes off at Goodwill, making Target and deli runs... all stuff I expected her to do.

But here's what I didn't expect.

She made me a scrapbook. And when I got it, I thought this is great, it'll be a couple of pages of me pregnant and a couple of blank pages for my girls.

Start flipping through the book and my beautiful mother had included personalized messages from every twin or twin mom she has ever met or encountered. To populate this book, she sent a note asking them to send pics and write me a letter detailing whatever their experiences had been. She then took the extra time to mark up all the pages with cute scrapbooking details. Anyone who scrapbooks knows this is a time-consuming labor of love.

What's more, is she wrote me a touching note in the beginning of the book telling me WHY she wanted to do the project. She realizes her limitations having only had one child at a time. And she knew there were others who could provide more insight.

I've been downright furious throughout this pregnancy that so few people understand my plight. And being mid-misery, I really don't have the energy, nor the temperament to explain to everyone what I'm going through. But my mom recognized  how hard my pregnancy has been, how unique twin pregnancies are and that her advice could only go so far (Basically she's not a know it all).

That's what I wish SO many others would realize. It's like I appreciate the care and concern, but you don't have to try to find common ground with me. If you are not a twin mom and/or you didn't have a difficult, complicated pregnancy, empathize with my situation instead of trying to find ways that we are SO ALIKE. Seriously, stop trying to make fetch happen.

So when my mom came through with this scrapbook, it was exactly what I needed to remind me that even though only 3% of all pregnancies are twins, I DO have others I can reach out to. I Do have support. Someone DOES understand what I'm going through. Everything WILL be ok.

Here's the best part, my mom created a bibliography page. It includes names and phone numbers of everyone in the book and all these people said I could call or email them with questions. How amazing is that?

Every time I look at this book or flip through its pages, I break down in tears. I'm so blessed to have all of this support and to have a wonderful mother who's discernment helps her to recognize her own limitations, but STILL provide the empathy and support I need.

God is good and my mom is amazing.


Anna Visak said...

What an amazing idea!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Roku said...

Beautiful! What a lovely, thoughtful mother you have been blessed with!