Thursday, April 7, 2016

Their Little Faces

I can't wait to see my children's little faces and bodies. Based on what I know about myself and their dad, here's what I know.

The Good
- They will have beautiful hair
- They will have long limbs, like a ballerina, track player, volleyball player or maybe even a model (although their dad is not down with the modeling route)

The Ugly
- My children are doomed to have ugly feet. My feet are ugly. My whole family has ugly feet. And my boyfriend's feet a hideous. They are doomed in the foot area. If they end up with pretty toes I will be shocked and extremely concerned... like what did we give up in order to get those pretty feet?

The Interesting
- They will have big foreheads. Again, my boyfriend and I share this trait in common. I just hopes it makes them beautiful, maybe even exotic, but not alien like. Like lots of folks, they may have to grow into their big heads. That's ok.

Everything else is a mystery to me now. Their size and stature, their skintones, their voices, if they will look more like me or him. (So far, on the ultrasounds, they seem to have my lips and his forehead.) If they will look like neither of us and look just like our parents or grandparents. If they'll be like Parker and look like both of us at the same time.

Since they're fraternal I wonder if they'll look just alike. Or will they look so much alike that other people think they're identical, but they look nothing alike to me. Or will I be able to tell my own children apart. I may need to get them name hats or bracelets or something.

I wonder if one will get the thickness gene and the other will be slim like me. Will they be little chunky babies or lean machines?

Of course, it doesn't MATTER what they look like, but these are the things I can't wait to see and find out.

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