Friday, April 8, 2016

Now, We Wait

I have:
  • Finished March client billing 
  • Transitioned all work responsibilities and meeting invites
  • Billed 16 weeks of maternity leave 
  • Turned off call forwarding
  • Left my maternity leave voicemail AND 
  • Set up my Outlook 
Your girl is off work til August!

The nursery* is set up! 

My mom got here last night!

And now we are just waiting for our girls. Get excited. TWO BABIES!

*The "nursery in a 1BR NYC apartment is approximately 1.5 walls of which baby stuff occupies in our bedroom. I am proud of my "make it work" attitude and minimalist approach. Very few thrills, but as much love as a home with a nursery the size of my entire apartment. 


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