Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mommy & Me

One benefit of pregnancy (there are so few chile) is getting closer to my mom. It's one of those things that I would have never known could happen if I had never gotten pregnant. She has such a wealth of information from being a mom and just things that would not have been relevant to share with me if I wasn't pregnant.

She's always been super supportive of my endeavors. And is a big reason I have such a strong, opinionated voice. She always felt like children should have a voice (I don't know if I agree, kids need to stfu sometimes, LOL!)

But she likely raised me that way based on not being able to say much as a child and hopefully I'll be able to take what she did for me and add my own philosophy to make it my own thing.

I know sometimes getting calls from my mom would completely interrupt my flow. But now that I'm pregnant, I talk or text with her several times a day and I'm always happy to hear from her.

I think there's a bit of understanding that I'm gaining as well. About what it has meant to be my mother and the care and concern and pride she has for me and about me. I get that so much better now.

So many experiences in life happen to us to help us better understand others and I'm happy that I get to share in the joy of motherhood with my own mom. I don't take it for granted at all.

P.S. I just went back & realized I wrote a similar post 2 weeks ago. Had NO RECOLLECTION of writing it until someone wrote a comment. Pregnancy brain is real.

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