Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Medical Doctors...

After giving birth, one thing has become clear to me. Our healthcare system is jacked. It never occurred to me that people are M.D.s and not H.D.s. Medical doctors, not healing doctors. They can tell you what medicine will either A) make your illness feel like you don't have it or B) make it go away. They can also always tell you what they think something is, but they can never be sure. They are probably taught this in med school since our society is so litigious. It's unfortunate.

All of the health issues I've had and I decide what I tell people is wrong with me because the doctors never tell me with any certainty.

They tried to give me Percocet so many times for pain in the hospital. I'm like I just had two babies. I'm sure I'm supposed to have some level or pain. They were trying to get me to a zero. I'm like you know what, I'm straight.

Anywho you never call a doctor with a fever and they tell you "put a cold compress on your head." No, they're going to tell you to take Tylenol to bring the fever down.

I'm not mad about it, but I wonder why I didn't pay it more attention before. I guess I've never been sick before or mired down in health issues. On the one hand, I pretty much follow the system. If the doc tells me to do it, I do it. I don't want to go rogue with someone with whom I've entrusted my care.

On the other hand, I wish I had the time or courage to be one of those people who never pop pills, who look into homeopathic remedies for everything. Who hear the diagnosis and then come up with all kinds of alternative treatments and get the job done. I'm not them, yet, but after all of these hospital visits, I wish that I was.

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