Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dream Sessions: Therapy In My Sleep

Last night was nonstop with the microdreams. I'm going to type what I remember. It also seems like a lot of emotional stuff was coming up for me last night... all surrounding relationships with the men in my life. Not that I avoid these things during the day, but what sense does it make worrying about things I can't control [other people's actions/support or lack thereof].
  • I had a dream I was having a conversation with my oldest brother. Unfortunately, we don't talk in real life. Yesterday was his oldest daughter's birthday and I called, but neither him, nor his wife accepted my call. In my dream, we were chatting on the phone like nothing happened. Of course, I wish that dream was real life. 
  • I had a dream my former boss was back. Homeboy quit after 6 weeks last fall, so this was a dream for real. He's a short guy, quirky guy who I would never date, but he was flirting with me because I was pregnant. I was trying to get him to sign an expense report and I was waddling around the office in an oversized white tee and skinny jeans (I haven't worn pants in months, so again, you know I was dreaming.) He had on a tie for a client meeting and this is a dude who is super casual. He said something like "I see you ma" and I was flattered because I feel like such a sloth right now being pregnant.
  • I was a worked in some sort of manual labor capacity and LeBron James came into whatever establishment I was working at. I was in charge of checking bags. But we just put bags on the floor. So I took his nice black, leather bag and put it on the floor with all of the rest of the bags. He's so tall that he saw me do it behind the counter. I thought he was going to be mad, but he saw I was pregnant and still working and started asking me questions. He asked about my dad and the male figures in my life and I got really emotional and said they were lacking. I mentioned that my dad didn't come to my baby shower and didn't even tell me directly, he tried to tell me through someone else to soften the blow [true story]. I also told him that I hadn't talked to my day since my baby shower weekend [true story]. I said something like "I've done the best I can do to be perfect, but you can't make someone love you." In my head, I was thinking: he's going to have pity on me and buy me something or pay off a student loan or something, otherwise this pouring out my heart to LeBron nonsense wasn't really worth it.
  • I had a dream that I was in a college class and it was some sort of special day like unofficial St. Patrick's Day at U of I and they served not one, but two types of fried chicken. One was from Popeyes and the other was from Honey Butter Fried Chicken. I've never eaten at HBFC, but it just sounds delicious. Everything in their name is great: honey. butter. fried. chicken. I haven't had fried chicken my whole pregnancy, so I was mad when I woke up and realized I really wasn't eating fried chicken. A mess. 
  • Also, after a string of dreams last night, I closed my eyes and my mind was racing. It was flashing camera photos through a string of images. It was almost like looking at Pinterest and Instagram through a photographer's lens, a different shot every time and I couldn't make it stop. I don't know if I was asleep or awake at that point, but I knew none of the images were anything I had ever seen before. I chalk this up to online shopping/internet surfing before bed. 

Despite all this dream trauma, I slept for like 7 hours straight with minimal bathroom breaks last night. That was awesome. 

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