Friday, April 1, 2016

Dream Sessions: My Baby's Face

 A few moms have told me before that you will see your children's faces in your dreams and they will look just like they actually look.

I had a dream that my child had a very round face and a cute little button nose (no way that's going to happen). And I was hugging her and she was talking to me like she was grown.

She was like "hey ma, what's good." And I was like "no, you're my sweet little baby. You're supposed to coo and cry and hug me back. She was like "ma, you trippin'."

And I was so sad because I had waited all this time to meet my baby (I'm actually waiting to meet two babies, but dreams don't make any sense)... I had waited all of this time for a baby and my baby was a grown ass woman in a little kid's body.

She looked like a light skinned talking orange from YouTube.

Then it flashed forward and she was about four years old with cute little pigtails and the cutest outfit and she was hugging me goodbye. Like she was on her way to grandma's house or a sleepover or something and I was sad again because she wasn't staying with me and I felt like her life had passed by too fast.

This dream sucked a little bit, but it'll be cool to see how much this grown baby looks like one or both of my actual daughters.

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