Thursday, April 7, 2016

All the Feels

My boyfriend was playing YouTube music the other day and Zion by Lauryn Hill came on and I was a basketcase.

My best friend sent me a scripture along with one of her many gifts... I can't remember the text, but I'll paraphrase and I know the story.

I think it was Esther. She was supposed to go into the King and ask his pardon on behalf of the Hebrew people. And the scripture said "Perhaps you were made for a time such as this." To indicate that everything that she had been through up until that point was leading her free her people. (Lord, I hope I'm not butchering this Sunday School story trying to tell it off the top of my head with no text).

Anywho, I heard that song about how Lauryn Hill got excited about one child. And I hear how many people can't describe in words the love they have for their children, especially right after they are born.

Then I realized that God blessed me with two little girls. He gave me the responsibility to usher the lives of two little girls.

I cannot wait to meet them and be their mother. Perhaps, I was chosen for this task specifically.

Snotty nose listening to Lauryn Hill and all. We're so close folks! If you don't hear from me for an extended period of time, it probably means I'm A) at the hospital B) had the babies C) A new twin mom with no time for blogging.

I'm not going to quit though, so stay tuned for the REAL about parenting and who knows, I might share a photo or two of my sweethearts. Maybe.

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