Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2 Weeks Old!

My girls are two weeks old today. I teeter totter between being bluntly honest about my labor and delivery and postpartum experience and being a complete liar about it.

I've learned in the last two weeks that being completely honest MAY NOT be helpful. Rehashing the gruesome details and dealing with other people's concern about them sometimes puts me in a bad mood. On the other hand, lying about it makes me feel like I'm not setting folks up well for their own truths. Like if I tell a woman who doesn't have kids that everything is ok, then she's going to think everything will be peaches and cream when she has kids. Like I'm bamboozling her the way I've been bamboozled. I also don't waste any opportunity to tell people "this ain't that" when it comes to twins. Twin life ain't single-baby life. It's just harder, period.

I'm going to give you more details later [maybe], but here are my health issues I've had in the past two weeks (post-delivery of my babies)

At the hospital
- Stroke level high blood pressure 
- Severe preeclampsia
- Excessive blood loss (but not hemorrhaging)

At home
- Edema (based on my left leg going numb, I was advised to go to the ER for possible blood clots, thank God it wasn't that)
- Vaginal Infection (based on the pain, I thought my stitches had ruptured. Nope, just a good ol' infection, and another doctor's appointment away from my children in their first two weeks of life)
- Continued high blood pressure (they've increased my med dosage 100% to keep it at bay)
- Fibroid pain and heavy bleeding (which actually can't be treated because it would interfere with my blood pressure meds)

I also had a fever a few days ago, which was my body's way of fighting off the vaginal infection. Breastfeeding when you feel extremely hot or extremely cold is likely terrorist level torture. I wanted to explode, but babies gotta eat!

I've never been so sick in my life. Add sleep deprivation and unregulated hormones and this could seem like a never ending saga. The good news is that I felt pretty normal 2 days ago and hopefully I'll feel much better soon.

The girls are the picture of health.

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Ishea said...

Sucks to hear about your health concerns, but thank you for being transparent and honest! It's so refreshing... and I'm glad the babies are doing well.